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Films ultimately permit us to better understand things; these are the stories which allow us to enact great change. What is important here is the diversity of voices telling these stories. The more people from whom we hear these stories the better the understanding we will have and the broader the range of social issues we are exposed to. We think that cinema can be a catalyst for the kind of knowledge and awareness that breeds action. 

Our main goal is to demonstrate what the study of film can actually uncover. The desired focus of the blog will be on the social justice work that cinema does and in particular, the questions which cinema can pose, and perhaps answer, on the subjects of race, gender & sexuality, homelessness, poverty, education, healthcare, and policing, in addition to ecological justice in sustainability, and ecological consciousness and climate anxiety. 

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We are inviting blog posts imn the range of 500 to 700 words, for a new blog dealing with social justice issues in the cinema. Our new ‘Cinema and Social Justice Project’ aims to examine social justice issues in film, both in front and behind the camera, and allow for opportunities for discussion.

Our hope with the Cinema and Social Justice project is not necessarily to convince people that Film is a worthy area of study, and an integral part of our social, cultural and political environment, but we hope rather, to strengthen the convictions already held about the importance of studying and understanding Film.

We are seeking blog posts on any topic that deals with social justice in film; from representation of social justice issues themes in film, to the context of production, the make-up of the industry, film education and more.